Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2

BM/WW Shippers pick this issue UP!


ButterscotchLion said...

Rucka, how could I ever have doubted you?

Gilda Brasil said...

she loves him! she loves him! she loves him!


Anonymous said...

cool, ww's feelings for bruce is canon now. Technically DC have said bruce is her lover in the comic's solicit. If only this would be explored more in future comics maybe create a Batman/Wonderwoman comic series. I think the comic will sell well much above GA/BC comic series.

Diana said...

I knew it! Best kiss ever! Awesome!

Icha said...

Hey Noah! Thanks a lot for this! I am still ecstatic, elated, very happy and flying up high!

I made this review before I read yours.

Hope you like it. Yay! BatWondy forevah!

viagra online said...

What Superman will think if he see this, because Wonder Woman always have been his true love.

Massiel Chirinos said...

I also liked that WW and Bats were together but these days I've been looking at comics, both Batman and WW, he has had mucxhas women and does not deserve someone like Wondy. I always thought that was the Wolverine Batman DC but I was wrong, Wolverine despite everything that Weapon X and what they did do and a life tragic love never give up despite losing his greatest love, Mariko and Jaen but Batman in this sense is a coward comfortable, not risk, because it keeps Selina always have the excuse of lack of confidence to not make your partner for life. WW deserves a real man, someone who plays for it.
As Kara said in the movie "Superman / Batman: Apocalypse": "You have no heart." Hero is as big as a man is worthless. Whose work leave behind her love life? For Favooooor! Superman Does not tene one? Even the green arrow womanizing married.

Wolverine has a girlfriend now (one that certainly is in danger and which I teach to protect), he has worked alone, with the X-Men, with The Avangers, with the X-Force, with his own demons and that I prevent you never want to give and receive love despite their aggressive nature and never would let tipas Thalia level or Catwoman "fenmmes Fatals" were important to him, always look strong as women Buana and Jaen, Mariko and his girlfriend as well, quein was always known for bed and quein for the heart like a real man should know.

Batman as a hero is great as a disappointed man, death is going to reach everyone, no excuse to hide, he deserves to Selina (although I think it not to him) but on second thought the "daughter of the devil's good" but not quiera.Diana his son's heart is too, too human for him.

Anonymous said...

It is Dick Greyson as Batman, during the BlackestNight Series because Bruce was "dead" at this time. She just Remembers old feelings.