Sunday, February 22, 2009

Assorted Scans

In honor of my not having posted in a while, I present the following slew of posts:

I also bring the admonition that if you haven't seen the Wonder Woman movie yet, that's probably a good thing. I facepalmed so much that a bruise almost formed on my forehead. What the movie needed, of course, was some BMWW. Sadly, Bruce Timm has yet to learn to stick with a winning thing.


Noah0z said...

Added to the Latest Finds page

meljean brook said...

Say it ain't true about the movie. It's that bad? Really?

ButterscotchLion said...

Meljean: In my opinion, yes. Others might be more sympathetic, but my ability to view the movie seriously disappeared when Steve told Hippolyta that her daughter had a nice rack.

Noah0z said...


I think you'll like it. Granted there are many things I am not crazy about, but overall I think it casts Wonder Woman in a good light.